Corporate Innovation Program

Establishing a program to develop permanent innovation is a must nowadays for Corporations that wish to maintain competitiveness, better serve clients and users, and insure long term growth.


Globaltech Bridge has developed this Corporate Innovation Program to allow corporations to Identify and take advantage of the different sources of innovation, design a portfolio of innovative products, services and business models based in latest technologies, and establish alliances with key players in the industry to obtain quick access to technologies, solutions and channel partners.

The program uses proven processes and leading methodologies implemented in the Silicon Valley, such as Open innovation, Design Thinking and lean start up ,that combine models of open innovation with the internal experience of the corporation and the ideas from local and international experts, to identify and solve problems from the user and client community and generate innovative products and services.  Working in close collaboration with the corporate team, the program includes the following activities:

Review of the current situation; through interviews with the executive team, reviews current products and services, clients, corporate organization and identifies problems to be solved

Identify opportunities; Using Design Thinking, interviews users (actual and potential) to identify problems and expectations.

Industry Review; Identifies existing products and services that address the problems, as well as market opportunities, leading technologies, market trends, key players, and business models offered by leading companies locally and globally

Identify Start Ups; Identifies representative start-ups worldwide, that offer solutions and technologies that may potentially solve the problems, and creates a short list of candidates from accelerators both in the Silicon Valley and the local country or region   

Product Ideation; Analyzes problems and existing products to determine the gaps that need to be addressed with new solutions. Conducts private and open ideation sessions to identify new solutions, creating multidisciplinary teams from the whole ecosystem with International and local expertise

Prioritization of products and services; Prototypes and validates with the users the solutions derived from the ideation sessions. Defines priorities based on user feedback, development effort and time to market. Builds an innovation roadmap with the products to be developed, plus those that could be potentially adopted from existing start-ups

Product Release; Defines a Minimum Viable Product that can be developed in a short time. Works in close collaboration with the corporation to define the product development plan, a product readiness and release plan, and the operations and customer support strategy

Financial Projections; Based on the expected adoption and the estimated costs for development, marketing and operation, builds a financial model to assess the profitability scenarios and the financial feasibility of the products

Investment Alternatives; According to Corporation interest evaluates alternatives of investment in local and international startups, and support the initial processes and negotiations

Action Plan and Final recommendations: Based on the financial results, the innovation roadmap, and the defined priorities, produces an action plan and a list of recommendations


Build your own innovation plan in less than four months !