Through an elite group of entrepreneurs, technology and business experts from a wide array of disciplines and nationalities, and a broad network of contacts, Globaltech Bridge supports technology companies and organizations seeking global expansion


Globaltech Bridge supports companies looking to expand their operations to the United States, and globally, from early orientation stages, to preparation and coaching, to the establishment of local presence, and attainment of clients and capital

Connect and foster relationships with leading global IT companies and top performing technology companies in Latin America.


An array of educational programs, conferences, and individual mentoring opportunities to provide companies and investors with the expert guidance necessary to succeed.

Through a series of lectures and practical exercises, entrepreneurs learn the best practices of doing business in the US. This includes but is not limited to marketing, sales, getting funding, protecting intellectual property and legal issues. We focus on how to avoid the most common problems experienced by foreign technology companies entering into the global market.

3-Day Overview

3-Day Overview

1-2 consultants from the Silicon Valley offer a practical introductory overview of the main elements to consider when looking to expand globally. Held in the country of origin. 

One Week Immersion

One Week Immersion

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn the best practices of doing business in the U.S through lectures and practical exercises taught by successful business consultants, law firms, and entrepreneurs. Visit leading companies in the area such as Google, Cisco, Oracle, and HP.



Helping you reach a broader audience, Globaltech offers a series of web-based lectures and seminars, providing access to the latest technologies and practices to entrepreneurs, incubators, and universities around the world.

Globaltech Bridge supports companies looking to expand their operations to the United States, and globally, from early orientation stages, to preparation and coaching, to the establishment of local presence, and attainment of clients and capital


Globaltech consultants can be great allies for investors, or governments interested in investing. Our extensive entrepreneurial background includes experience starting companies, guiding them through product and team development,  creating marketing and sales strategies, sales, partner acquisition, and funding.


Participating in Trade Shows  is one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services. Globaltech provides support to governments and Business Associations through the organization of trade shows in the Silicon Valley, where companies dully prepared will meet potential clients and partners. 

Get Funding

The Silicon Valley is home to one of the largest concentrations of venture capital in the world, making it an extremely appealing destination for numerous companies. However, not all companies will become recipientes of this sought-after resource. Only the most innovative products, along with the most committed teams, will receive the funding necessary for success. 

One of the main assets of technology companies is their intellectual property. It must be protected properly in order to build entry barriers for future competitors. 

There are a wide number of options including patents, copy rights, trade secrets, or trade marks. Due to the high cost of some of these tools, a strategy must be put in place and carefully tailored once the exact competitive advantage has been identified.

Globaltech's expert consultants will work with you to identify advantages, to define what it is and how to protect it. Intellectual Property law firms in the Silicon Valley will be selected for the final revision and actual filing. 


Corporate innovation leverages the best practices used by successful corporations in the Silicon Valley to foster innovation in corporations worldwide. 

Using a combination of internal and open innovation practices, that include identifying and supporting new entrepreneurs, acquiring or investing in companies, applying open innovation practices and techniques like design thinking to identify new products or services, we empower corporations to become more competitive by rapidly adding innovative products and services to their portfolio

Our portfolio of Corporate Innovation Services includes the following Programs:

  • A Corporate Innovation Workshop and Certification Program offered in partnership with UC Berkeley to give corporate executives the knowledge of how to identify and take advantage of the different sources of innovation and how to implement a process of innovation in their companies.
  • A Corporate Innovation Consulting Program that allows corporations to design a portfolio of innovative products, services and business models based in the latest technologies, and establish alliances with key players in the industry to obtain quick access to technologies, solutions and channel partners.

Globaltech has developed this program for academic and research institutions to motivate and train the university technology transfer personnel and researchers, to help universities set up appropriate rules and strategies, to evaluate and identify high-potential projects, and to help researches find partners to bring their projects to market.