Since 2005 Globaltech has supported hundreds of Latin American companies in their training, preparation and commercialization of technologies in the United States and Latin America.

Globaltech Bridge works with consultants entrepreneurs and experts in different disciplines with extensive experience in business development for companies, as well as with international organizations that support the entry of technology companies in the United States.



Some of our Projects

individual companies

• Definition of entry strategy and support on achieving first customers in the United States for Mexican company Sinopsis- Software Development .By the end of this process the company was awarded with a multimillion dollar contract and was later acquired by Hildebrando.

• Preparation and support of Container Consultants, a Panamanian company in the area of logistics to get their first investment round. They got an Angel Capital investment of $500,000 and government grants for $250,000.

• Preparation and support of Xpertal, a Mexican SOA integration company, who received a multimillion dollar contract with Oracle Consulting during the first year of its activities in the United States.

• Achieving first clients (DOD), partners (Intuit and SAP) and investment partners in USA for GaussSoft, a  Colombian  software company in Big Data analytics.

• Support on attaining first customers and partners for COASIN, a Chilean technology company, expert in Managed Services and Telecommunications.

• Attainment of first clients and customer support for Heinsohn Business Technologies, a Colombian software development company who now has a team  working for Tibco a  Silicon Valley IT company.

• Definition of entry strategy and support on achieving first customers in the United States for Abstracta, a software quality performance company in Uruguay.

• Support strategy development and execution for Ihcontrol, a company dedicated to home automation. They increased online sales by creating a network of partners in USA and the development of new business models.


In addition to supporting companies directly, The Globaltech team has workedwith  important government and industry organizations from different Latin American countries :

TechBA (Mexican Government Business Accelerator) We designed the  methodology  for TechBA operation and supported hundredsof  technology companies (software, hardware, electronics, biotechnology, medical devices, food, etc.) seeking to enter the United States and / or raising venture capital.

Senacyt (Ministry of Science and Technology of Panama). Evaluation and selection of innovative projects to receive government support in the program to encourage innovation.

City of Bucaramanga – Colombia. Diagnostic of the local ecosystem of Innovation and entrepreneurship

 •Project "Borderless Innovation" (Area of edical Devices and Biotechnology). Borderless Innovation is a project between the governments of California and Baja California, dedicated to promoting innovation in the area of he border between the two states.

•  CAPATEC, Panamanian ITC Chamber: Defining a  export strategy  and development of immersion programs in Silicon Valley technology for affiliated companies.

PROCOMER   Costa Rican government agency  Immersion Seminar on innovation and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley and diagnosis of participating companies.

• The National Council of Science and Technology CONACYT (Mexico) Advising in the area of edical Devices and penetration of Mexican companies in the US market.

• The US-Israel Science and Technology Foundation (USISTF). Foundation

The City government of Buenos Aires -Argentina. Support in the selection and preparation of companies seeking capital in the USA. Coordination of a presentation event companies to venture capital investors in Silicon Valley.

Proexport (Colombia): Support in the preparation of groups of Colombian companies entering the US market.

Fundacion Chile: Training Seminar technology companies planning to export.

Connectivity Agenda (Colombian government program), design a program for the promotion of the Colombian technology in the United States.

• The World Bank, Argentina program to establish professional diaspora and its potential to support business projects, scientific, technological and educational.