Explore Latin America


Globaltech aims to help leading companies bring their products and technologies to Latin America, to provide both technical talent and innovative products to help satisfy business needs in a faster and more cost effective manner.

We provide talent, knowledge, and a large network of potential partners and customers including technology companies, business associations, government agencies and business partners.

Our Offer

  • Market opportunity evaluation.
  • Market and Product strategies.
  • Product and service localization.
  • Business development.
  • Partnerships and distribution.
  • Talent: Staff augmentation/captive teams.Software development/integration, outsourcing.
  • Customer and engineering support.
  • Setting up your own business.
  • Merger and acquisitions opportunities

A Different Approach

Globaltech Bridge prepares Latin American companies to do business with companies from all over the world. We identify, screen, and introduce the most promising Latin American companies to Global players, staying involved to mitigate risk and help with communication and coordination.

Our in depth knowledge of the region includes business culture, legal, government regulations, trade, markets, and much more.