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Investor Resources

Globaltech consultants can be great allies for investors, or governments interested in investing. Our extensive entrepreneurial background includes experience starting companies, guiding them through product and team development,  creating marketing and sales strategies, sales, partner acquisition, and funding.

Our team of consultants can:

  • Identify new investment opportunities in foreign countries.
  • Evaluate projects presented to investors.
  • Select the best opportunities among a group of candidates.
  • Make due diligence of potential candidates.
  • Monitor the progress of desired companies.

Our angel investment and venture capital experts can:

  • Training future investors.
  • Keep you informed of the best practices in venture capital investment.
  • Keep you informed of new opportunities and trends in the Silicon Valley.


Showcase Yourself (Trade Shows: Promoting Products and Services)

One of the most effective ways to promote your products and services. Globaltech provides support to governments and Business Associations through the organization of trade shows in the Silicon Valley, where companies dully prepared will meet potential clients and partners. Our extensive preparation includes:

  • Guidance in effective presentation of products and services.
  • Getting the right keynote speakers.
  • Identifying key strategic attendees.
  • Selecting the best location.
  • Selecting PR partners to promote the event.

*Must be done at least 3 months in advanced.

Prepare to Get Funding

The Silicon Valley is home to one of the largest concentrations of venture capital in the world, making it an extremely appealing destination for numerous companies. However, not all companies will become recipientes of this sought-after resource. Only the most innovative products, along with the most committed teams, will receive the funding necessary for success.

To evaluate the potential of a given product, Globaltech will help entrepreneurs analyse the market, and determine competitive advantages. When plausible, Globaltech will help companies:

  • Define a market strategy.
  • Find a team
  • Prepare a sound business plan.
  • Identify the right investors.
  • Prepare an investor presentation.
  • Book meetings.