Innovation in Government: An Example Worth Following


In the digital era government entities need to redefine themselves in order to offer better and more innovative products. This is the case of Colombian Government institution that in 2017 decided to follow the path of innovation

The problem: Our customer is a descentrilized government agency with no budget from the central government that realized that its revenue sources were in danger after new regulation removed the exclusivity of some of its products and services.

The solution: Innovate

The general manager of this entity, a person with strong leadership and vision, decided to take the path to innovation and hired a group of international and local experts to help him identify new products and services based on the latest techologies.

With the support of international consultants experts in innovation methodologies,  local experts in information and communication technologies from well known universities and companies, and representatives from the customers created multidisciplinary teams to ideate the new innovative products and services

The products were ideated, validated and prioritized following criteria that included technical viability and user need and a resulted in a three year product roadmap  with the potential to be implemented both at a local and global levels

Product Development

The products and services proved to be so innovative and useful for the country, that the board of directors did not hesitate to approve the budget required to develop the portfolio. A technical ally willing to share the revenue and risk was identified, and hired to support the development,  product release and operation during the next few years. Given the early stage of the project we are not allowed to disclose too many details, but we will be happy to do that in the future as the project advances and products start to be released to the market.

The future

We believe that given the scope of the products and services to be released in the next few years, this institution will not only be able to generate a significant revenue, but will also contribute to put Colombia in the map of leading contries in government innovation and efficient management of public information

It is also an example of public private collaboration where government is able to get rid of its bureaucratic role and adopt technology for the benefit of all.