Burton Lee

Dr. Burton Lee is a technology venture finance and innovation strategy professional with 15+ years senior management, entrepreneurship and technical leadership experience in seed-stage investment; venture-backed startups; major global technology corporations (GE, HP, DaimlerChrysler); government executive service; science, technology, innovation, commercialization & economic development agencies (NSF, NIH, European Commission, NASA); and leading research universities.

Dr. Lee's management and entrepreneurship expertise includes a diverse track record in new venture investment; technology startup operations; innovation process management, including technology commercialization; corporate development, strategy & strategic alliances; federal and commercial business development; and national science, technology & innovation policy.

Corporate strategy and development experience includes the following, with a principal focus on high tech & energy industries:

• Deep strategy, change management, process improvement, supply chain management
• M&A strategy and targetting
• New market entry, growth strategy & competitive strategy

Dr. Lee also provides senior strategic, financial & technical leadership and advisory services to the global innovation sector, including hitech startup companies, institutional private equity investment funds and seed- & early-stage investors.