Michelle Messina

Sharing Silicon Valley's best practices with entrepreneurs, governments, students and investors

1) Helping start-ups find repeatable, scaleable & sustainable business models; 
2) Aligning and unifying entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide;
3) Teaching startup portfolio management best practices to non-US investors;
4) Designing insightful and innovative Study Programs for students, government and business executives

All programs are supported with Study Programs in Silicon Valley that include peer learning, visits to top companies, briefings and networking with executives, investors and thought leaders from the region’s major companies. 

Over the past 6 years, Michelle has worked in many countries including Armenia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Kosovo, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Venezuela, and U.K, 

• Master Classes for startups and growth mode companies expanding into new markets, delivered on behalf of international government clients, universities, technology commercialization and incubation programs. Certified facilitator for Kauffman FastTrac GrowthVenture Programs.

• Particularly interested in serving and supporting entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystems, women entrepreneurs, foreign direct investments (FDI), and economic development programs.