Hal Daseking

Hal Daseking has over two decades of executive management experience in both ventured-backed software and consumer companies with emphasis on building successful enterprises through multinational teams.  Most recently, Hal has consulted and helped start several companies in mobile applications, security (authentication), online education, and Business Intelligence/Analytics, developing innovative business models, and strategic alliances.

Prior to this, Hal was CEO of a Japanese spinout company, Soliton-phone, which developed and sold consumer VoIP gateways. He led the company to over $20 million in bookings, and built the international team that took a Japanese developed product and successfully marketed it in the USA, while raising two rounds of corporate capital.  Next, he co-founded Nextwave Design Automation, an EDA software company. As a co-founder, he assisted in raising two rounds of venture capital and developed strategic alliances with major business partners, including six of the top ten semiconductor foundries. Hal held previous management positions at Valid Logic Systems, Hughes Aircraft Co, and Hewlett Packard Company.

Hal received his BS and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He has contributed to several conferences.